October 13th - 14th 2020 // Virtual Event

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October 13th - 14th 2020 //
Virtual Event

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Day 1 // Tuesday October 13th 2020
10:35am - 04:15pm (CT)
10:35amOpening Address
10:40amPresentation: The Perfect IIoT Platform

In recent years, we have seen an evolution of IIoT capabilities, with advances in data science and more accurate/cost-effective sensors leading to broader adoption of IIoT solutions. Despite these tech advances, some limitations remain. Markus Larsson and Kai Goebel from PARC, a Xerox Company, sit down to discuss how solutions can evolve in the IIoT space to create the “perfect platform.
- Markus Larsson, Head of PARC Predictive Maintenance PARC Predictive Maintenance, PARC, a Xerox Company
- Kai Goebel, Principal Scientist, PARC, a Xerox Company
11:00amOpening Panel: Cracking the Transition Towards Data-Driven Business Models

• What are the inefficiencies in your operations? What kind of data would help you overcome these inefficiencies?
• What communication processes need to be in place in order to utilize data in a meaningful way? What data visualization platforms best serve the purpose of analyzing it and turning quality insights into actionable responses?
• What advice would you give your peers when managing multiple sources of data and identifying which areas will bring the most benefit?
- Moderator: Pandu Boyapally, Advanced Technology Manager, The Toro Company
- Philip Dana, IT Director, Netafim
- Ben Davis, CDO, Cambria
- Claudio Ladeira, Advanced Technologies Sr Manager,Tate & Lyle
- Marcell Jackson PMP, Brilliant Factory Project Leader, GE Healthcare
11:40pmNetworking Break & Live Q&A with Speakers
11:55pmPresentation: Transforming IT

What is IT? It is everything. How can you transform one thing and not others? Do we stop with the supply chain? What about the Customer Experience? What about the Employee experience? Transforming “IT” isn’t just about IT and OT, it is about having the honesty to realize that for this thing to work, IT has to change.
- Ron Norris, Senior Innovation Leader, Georgia Pacific Corp
12:10pmPresentation: Unlocking IIoT Strategies for the Operator

IoT is a powerful tool that unlocks vast amounts of information enabling us to make better decisions faster. Inside a manufacturing environment, that means visibility into the facility’s health and performance. This discussion is intended to advance strategies that IT and engineers can use to ensure the end user (plant operators) will utilize and get the most out of your solutions.
- Bruce Ainsworth, VP Automation Innovation, Georgia Pacific Corp
12:25pmPlatform: Securing the Industrial Device Landscape

• The traditional endpoint security challenge
• The new (insecure) endpoint
• What we have found - threats
• End-to-end visibility
- Joe Lea PhD, VP Product, Armis
12:35pmPresentation: Unleashing Digital Transformation with 5G

This presentation discusses how 5G and IIoT are the foundational technologies in the era of true digital transformation, tying together data and action in the distributed cloud-native world. We examine these technologies and new business models enabled by 5G, and then focus on a use case utilizing private 5G networks in a manufacturing environment.
- Liia Sarjakoski, Head of IoT Ecosystem, Ericsson
12:55pmLunch & Visit the Virtual Exhibition Hall
01:25pmCase Study: IoT Telematics Data: Big Data Insights from the Vehicle to the Customer

Oshkosh Corp as being the world leading manufacturer of specialty vehicles started the journey of connecting its vehicles. Streaming the vehicles data near real-time can add much value to our customers. Our current near real-time data streaming helping our customer to better manage their fleet, vehicles maintenance and utilization, and leading to lower the cost of the ownership. In addition to the near real-time streaming, the data is being analyzed to build our predictive models to provide customers with predictive decisions like maintenance, vehicle current utilization, and life of parts. In this talk, we will go over how Oshkosh achieved this IoT journey, all the infrastructure components, applications and engineers’ contributions from end to end.
- Moe Saleh, Principal Data Scientist, Oshkosh Corporation
01:55pmPanel Discussion: IIoT Revolution Means People & Culture Revolution

• IT infrastructure is needed before OT infrastructure and data collection can start. Without IT getting the budget for cloud-based data lakes and processing, IIoT can’t take off. Skills in IT are often lacking in this area for manufacturers entering this space – what efforts in upskilling IT staff are proving successful?
• Many operators and technicians on the floor are not computer- savvy in their daily lives, making them afraid to adopt mobile devices and resistant to change. How are you shifting their mindset?
• What organizational structures and culture change approaches best facilitate efficient implementation of IIoT?
- Moderator: Aubyn Chavez, Digitalization Leader and Process, Technology Engineer, Cornerstone Chemical
- Marcus Merchant, Head of IT, Olde Thompson
- Michael Rothschild, Senior Director OT Solutions, Tenable
- Carlos Paredes, Controls Engineering Manager, Amcor
- Kimberly Marks, Enterprise IoT Manager, Shell
- Apurva Mohan, Global IoT Security Manager, Schlumberger
02:35pmCase Study: Improving Factory Performance with Industrial IIoT Technology

With this ever changing digital world, our factories are becoming smarter with IIoT innovation. That has brought new opportunities for improving productivity & performance. In this presentation, we share our experience in driving digital transformation in a manufacturing pilot plant. We will touch on the following key points:
• Setting the right vision, converting that vision into strategies, & actionable roadmap
• Digital performance improvement using – collaborative robots, AI vision, digital industrial engineer, condition monitoring systems, RFID, go paperless, autonomous production lines
• Sustainability using building management systems
• Insights gained during the implementation phase
- Shantanu Patil, Digitalization Program Management Lead, Schaeffler
03:05pmBreak & Visit the Virtual Exhibition Hall
03:15pmCase Study: Developing a Secure Digital Thread Transport System

The Department of Defense is desirous of having a system that enables the transmission of 3D models to the additive manufacturing supply chain and to collect in-process data (e.g., melt pool) as the parts are produced and then have the data transmitted back to the DoD via the same system when the parts are shipped. The National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining is under contract to develop a prototype system to accomplish the aforementioned goals and Dr. Dean Bartles, CEO, will provide an overview on the status of the program, the challenges overcome to date, and where the system might go in the future.
- Dean Bartles, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining
03:45pmCase Study: Predictive Maintenance – The Value of Transitioning into an IIoT-based Condition Assessment Program

Let’s begin with a much-needed change in terminology. The term “predictive maintenance” is a poor one. The goal is not to predict what maintenance may be required, but to assess the condition and remaining life of the asset to determine if intervention is required to improve reliability. Reliability does not belong to the maintenance organization; it must be owned by all. Our goal should be to eliminate reactive maintenance. Walking around PdM programs where a technician collects data from assets using sensors and a data storage “box” by following a planned route dates back to the early 70s. The tools have evolved but the data collection process has continued. This method has helped save assets before failure but is not generally seen as highly effective (we will present Plant Services survey data for the last five years). This presentation addresses the inherent issues in current programs. IIoT with installed sensors, automated data collection, displays, and dashboards supported by machine learning and artificial intelligence offers a much superior way to assess asset condition and remaining useful life. It also provides better accuracy while keeping people safer. We also discuss the benefits of an IIoT based program and provide a process for identifying the best value from the IIoT approach and prioritize assets for transition.
- Malcolm Werner, Digital Asset Management Solutions, Worley
04:15pmClosing Remarks
Day 2 // Wednesday October 14th 2020
10:25am - 12:50pm (CT)
10:25amOpening Address
10:30amPresentation: Digital Transformation in the Edge

The Industrial Internet Consortium delivers transformative business value to organizations, industry and society by accelerating adoption of a trustworthy internet of things. A key enabling technology is distributing computing towards the edge. Why would we do that? What are the business benefits? What are the risks? This presentation focuses on the business aspects of distributed computing in the edge and how it enables digital transformation.
- Stephen Mellor, CTO, Industrial Internet Consortium
11:00amOpening Panel: Maintaining and Demonstrating Proof-of-Value in IIoT Projects

• How can you justify IIoT projects when a clear ROI is not understood, but subject matter experts agree that there are multiple benefits that can’t yet be quantified?
• What strategies are proving effective when challenging leadership’s “Can’t we get to good enough?” stance?
• How do we realize projected value and gains represented in the business cases?
- Moderator: Marylin Glass-Hedges, PhD, IT Industry 4.0 Lead, Daimler Trucks North America
- Craig Zedwick, Director Production Excellence and Automation, Cabot Microelectronics
- Joe LaRussa, Director of Industrial Engineering – Seats, Brose Group
- Matthew Scott, Engineering Manager - SCADA, Sound Transit
11:40pmNetworking Break & Live Q&A with Speakers
11:50pmPresentation: Overcoming the Technology Myopia of Industry 4.0

• What is technology myopia?
• How did we come to this point?
• The impact of the pandemic
• Practical, viable ways to overcome the technology myopia of Industry 4.0
- Saip Eren Yılmaz, Director of Industry 4.0 Innovation, Stanley Black & Decker’s CoE for Industry 4.0
12:20pmCase Study: Transforming a Key Industry Process through Automation and Remote Operations

This presentation will focus on the transformation of a key operation within the oil industry from one that is labor intensive, dangerous, and time consuming to completely automated. The operation prior to this series of products will be outlined along with the new transformative state. The automated series of products will be discussed along with real-time data analysis and how this analysis has led to valuable insights that are further leveraged for process improvement. The products are paired with a remote operations center, enabling operation without personnel in the danger zone. Several operational case histories will be outlined.
- Tim Marvel, VP Business Development and Technology, SEF Energy
12:50pmClosing Remarks & End of Conference

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