About Us

About Us

QG Media is a provider of international B2B events aimed at senior professionals working in IT Security, Industrial Cyber Security, and the Industrial Internet of Things. Our market-leading summits are crafted by experienced in-house producers in partnership with an advisory committee of industry experts from governments, key institutions, academia, as well as vendor and end-user companies, to ensure that the most relevant topics are addressed effectively and from multiple perspectives.

The success of our events lies in balancing expertly-curated programming with extensive opportunities for networking with relevant industry stakeholders, peers and prospect business partners. As such, we take the quality of our sponsors, speakers, and delegates very seriously, and pay close attention to the value we can bring to them, as well as the value they can bring to our summits and to each other. Our portfolio includes:

Industrial IoT Series: USA | Europe

Cyber Security for Manufacturing Series: USA | Europe

Cyber Security for Critical Assets Series: USA | Europe | MENA | APAC | LATAM

Cyber Security Series: Italy | DACH | UK | France | Nordic

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Our Mission

Driving Innovation & Providing Value in Critical Industries

Our Promise

We deliver high-quality, extensively curated events that add value to every attendee.

Our Passion

We support industry experts in tackling their security challenges and forming collaborative communities.

Our Essence

We operate on inclusivity, expertise, professionalism, and collaboration.