Industrial IoT MENA

6th - 7th February 2017


The series highlights the infrastructural framework required to successfully pave the way for an IoT revolution

The Event

Industrial IoT MENA

6th-7th February 2017Dubai

The Industrial IoT promises to generate a new wave of technological innovation that is set to permanently redefine the current digital landscape. Pioneering businesses are connecting complex, physical machines with first-class analytics to unleash a wealth of new insights that were never before possible. Companies are looking to leverage the Industrial IoT to reduce unplanned downtime, dramatically increase efficiency and ultimately open up a new era of economic growth and competitiveness. This Summit will bring together forward-thinking companies to pave the way for the Industrial IoT revolution.

Make the most of your 2 days!

  • Understand the key steps in starting an Industrial IoT journey for your business
  • Network with industry peers in an exclusive environment
  • Gain perspectives and updates
  • Showcase your expertise to a senior audience


DAY 01  
07:30 Registration & Networking
08:30 Opening Address from the Chair
08:40 Opening Panel
Enabling a Digital Transformation: How Best to Start Your Industrial IoT Process

  • Who is responsible for Industrial IoT deployment within an organization?
  • Understand the complexity of standardization efforts
  • Are businesses prepared to transform sufficiently to maximize the potential ROI?
  • Exploring regulations and analyzing their importance
09:20 Presentation
Taking Advantage of the IoT opportunity: What is the Value of the Industrial IoT?

  • Learn how the Industrial IoT will have an impact on enterprise productivity
  • Explore the ways in which the Industrial IoT can increase your efficiency and benefits
  • IoT and Energy Efficiency for Companies to Reduce Costs
09:50 Networking Break: Meet the Sponsors!
10:40 Presentation
Mining & Metals + Internet of Things: Industry Opportunities and Innovation

  • Learn how the IoT can help the Mining & Metals sector addressing productivity and efficiency challenges
  • Explore the benefits of developing an IoT strategy for improving health, safety and labour issues
  • Challenges with technology adoption
11:10 Case Study
IoT Meets Food and Beverage Manufacturing

  • Understand how to increase food production with the Internet of Things
  • Explore the opportunities that IIoT offers to optimize supply chain and improve manufacturing processes
  • How the Internet of Things will impact food safety
11:40 Presentation
Transforming Traditional Energy Infrastructure Technologies to Create Smarter Energy Solutions

  • Identify how smart metering reduces operating costs by managing manual operations remotely
  • Explore how smart metering improves customer satisfaction by saving money and reducing carbon emissions
  • Understand how cloud services can help you to securely store and integrate data to build value in smart metering applications
12:10 Seated Lunch
13:10 Presentation
Where Data Meets Oil, Using the Industrial Internet of Things to Access the Digital Oil Field

  • Defining the Digital Oil Field
  • Analyse how the IoT can help create the future of Digital Oil Fields
  • Understand how data generated by IoT can help improving operations for the goal of increasing production and growth
13:40 Case Study
DEWA’s Contribution to Building a Smarter Dubai

  • Learn how DEWA is contributing to building a smarter Dubai by using integrated electronic data
  • Understand how data from smart meters contains a wealth of information that can help utilities and their consumers in many ways
  • Positive consequences for Utilities brought by advancements in cloud, Big Data, and predictive analytics solutions
14:10 Networking Break
15:00 Presentation
Fuelling the Gas Industry with the Internet of Things

  • Scale The Infrastructure to Support Big Data and Analytics
  • How to Achieve Enhanced Asset Monitoring With Preventive Maintenance
  • Learn how to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs Through Predictive Analytics and IoT
15:30 Closing Panel
Internet of Threats: Securing your IoT System

  • Explore the challenges of designing, deploying, and managing an IoT strategy
  • Analyse the current requirements and limitations upon leveraging IoT
  • Reviewing some examples of solutions that are currently securing IoT systems
  • Discussing the commonalities across different industry sectors for IoT deployment
16:10 Chairman’s Closing Address
16:20 Networking Drinks and Canapés
DAY 02  
08:00 Registration
08:50 Welcome Address from the Chair
09:00 Opening Panel
The Human Impact of IoT

  • Examining how the creation of hybrid industries will require new skill sets
  • Reviewing the role education plays in providing a new breed of talent required for the IoT to thrive
  • Discover how IoT is set to create new products, services and markets
09:40 Presentation
Virtualization in Industrial Automation

  • Learn how virtualization reduces capital & maintenance costs
  • How does virtualization change the automation industry?
  • How will virtualization impact the future?
10:10 Networking Break
10:50 Presentation
How the Internet of Things is Transforming the World of Power Generation

  • Operations Optimization for the Digital Steam Plant
  • Learn how the Industrial IoT will bring more efficient, reliable and resilient power plants and grids
  • “Digital twin” and impact of it in driving power plant efficiency to identify gaps between actual and ideal performance relative
11:20 Platform Presentation
11:30 Presentation
How to Secure your IoT Devices

  • Why IoT security is so critical
  • Integrate security best practice with the IoT product development process
  • Protecting company intellectual property (IP), customer data and operational infrastructures
12:00 Seated Lunch
13:00 Case Study
The Role of Abu Dhabi Police Smart Traffic Centre for Road Safety

  • Analysing traffic incidents management and spatial intelligence
  • Exploring the implementation of smart intelligence applications for traffic systems
  • 5es (Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend and Evaluate) and Smart Traffic Centre
13:30 Presentation
The IoT Convergence: How IT and OT Departments Must Work Together for a Successful Industrial IoT   

  • IT and OT departments need to work together for an Industrial IoT systems to be secure
  • Understanding the benefits of IT and OT convergence across industries
  • Preparing your company to overcome organisational differences within departments
14:40 Refreshments & Networking
14:40 Case Study
How Ajman City Got Smarter, Analysing the Challenges of Ajman Smart City

  • Ajman City - smart city strategy overview
  • Understand how Ajman City is facing the challenges of urbanization
  • Smart transportation in Dubai
  • Learn how Ajman City is using new technologies to enable better water and waste water management
15:10 Group Discussion
Challenges within the Region, the Future of MENA’s IoT

  • This session will present new research and discuss what companies should do to develop their IoT strategy while making sure it is done following security procedures. We will discuss the opportunities and challenges of the IoT development in the future
15:50 Chairs Closing Remarks

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