14 June

IIoT EU Returns for 2018

Productively Analyse Data & Generate that Eureka Moment at Industrial IoT Europe 2018

In November this year Qatalyst Global will run it’s seventh Industrial IoT Summit.That’s a lot of conferences in only a few years. We’ve taken the series all around the world – Chicago, Shanghai, Munich – because the industrial internet is changing how things are done worldwide. I have spoken to hundreds of you across the last two years – probably to some people reading this article. And while I don’t have your expertise, I have been lucky enough to take in a broad survey of the industry to help inform the agenda of our events. I’ve found out what keeps you up at night, what excites you, and what really matters for industrial IoT. Thanks to all those conversations I hope I can offer you a little insight about why we’re meeting up in Munich this November 6-7.
So, what’s changed in the world of IIoT?
If I had to select one main change over the last couple of years for industrial IoT it would be how much more serious everything has become. A couple of years ago it was common to fantasise about how your business could move to a subscription business model when – in reality – your practical experience of industrial IoT was little more than plugging a Raspberry Pi into a temperature sensor to prove you could. Today that’s changed: some of the grand ambitions have been scaled back and replaced with serious progress towards capturing and using data in real operations. This is true across every sector, from relatively advanced industries like automotive to less developed sectors like paper and packaging.

There are still firms like Heidelberger Druckmaschinen or Krauss Maffei (both represented at our conference) which are using industrial IoT to revolutionise their business models to move to subscription models. Or firms like GE Digital pushing the boundaries of what a digital twin can do, and they’re an inspiration to us all. But most firms are learning to walk before they run and focusing on implementing realistic and practical use cases bringing benefits now.
What are the key themes of this year’s summit?
The key themes of the conference focus on the practical steps to make industrial IoT a reality at your firm. Some presentations will focus on the technical, like how blockchain could be used to support an industrial IoT reference architecture, or how to collate, cleanse and prepare your data for a company-wide analysis platform. But most of the presentations and panels will focus on the organisational challenges you face:

- Winning buy-in
- Running trials
- Scaling operations
- Changing how you manage your assets
And… how to effectively use your new and most valuable asset: data.
Benefits & Takeaways for 2018:
People attend conferences for lots of reasons, but with a fast-moving, mission-critical subject like industrial IoT people want to leave a conference with something they can try out when they get back to the office. That is why we have built in guaranteed takeaways throughout the programme. We are running a delegate orientation on the first morning to help you set goals. We are running focus groups to help attendees apply the lessons of case studies to their own firms. During our roundtable discussions, we will be using the three Ds – Discovery, Debate, Delivery – to ensure your conversations at the conference give you that eureka! moment you need.

Of course, having a great idea is just the start of any industrial project. This is why our opening panel will focus on overcoming internal blockers to industrial IoT. We all know about the potential to revolutionise industry so what is holding us back? Find out at Industrial IoT Europe 2018.
Agenda Highlights:
Jesper Toubøl, the man in charge of Lego’s intelligent moulds and elements, will be moderating the day one opening panel. “I am looking forward to it,” he told me. “The topic is very important because there are so many potential barriers to embracing industrial IoT. The best way to learn how to move forward is to listen to those who have already tackled those challenges.” We’ll be joined by people from Equinor and Konecranes to explore how you can make industrial IoT a reality, just as they have.

Similarly, industrial IoT is not just about overcoming challenges, it is also exciting! That’s why our day two of the conference opens with a look at that excitement. We’ll be joined by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Krauss Maffei and Uniper to discuss how industrial IoT is allowing them to flip round their business models and offer a service instead of a product, and how digitalising their assets has created new value add and new revenue. It promises to be a very inspiring morning.

Request a brochure to find out more.
Closing thoughts…
The event is cross-sector and you will be joined by senior experts from aerospace, automotive, energy, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and utilities – the family of sectors embracing industrial IoT is large and growing. Lots of people are working on making industrial IoT work across the world and across different sectors. As Jesper says above, the most important thing is to talk through your ideas and get inspired. I hope you feel inspired to join us in Munich.
25% off Conference Passes:
Register before July 31st & save €250 on your access-all-areas summit pass.

Summit passes include: CPD certificate, access to presentations & content post-summit, seated lunches, networking sessions & evening drinks reception.

If you have any questions or if need help registering for Industrial IoT Europe, please feel free to reach out on: 020 3740 9106.

The Industrial IoT European summit is a CPD certified summit, brought to you by Qatalyst Global.

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