26 November

IIoT Europe Wrap-Up

Discussing Connectivity From Above the Clouds.

Early this November, the Qatalyst team welcomed IIoT experts from across Europe to the IBM Watson IoT Headquarters. The venue was impressive, screaming innovation from every corner and overlooking a buzzing Munich 100m below– very fitting, being up in the clouds while talking to European Heads of Innovation about connectivity. But, despite the beauty of the sepia-toned landscape underneath, the thought-leading presentations and lively discussions kept all focus indoors.
A joke broke the ice right at the start of the Summit, as we heard a cheerful voice announce from the stage that if a nuclear bomb was ever launched, two ‘species’ would survive to see the end of the world: cockroaches and IBM. The comment didn’t come across as overinflated pride; the audience of experts got the message right away: those who don’t innovate enough, or fast enough, simply won’t make it very far now that we’re well into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
One other point came across clearly throughout the Summit: although IIoT is all about connecting things, we can’t lose sight of the implications of connecting people. Not surprisingly, table discussions and networking breaks were meaningful –connection was a continuous focus of the IIoT Summit, and attendees really walked the talk.
Philipp Leutiger, Chief Digital Officer at LafargeHolcim, presenting the Internet of Need.

Martina Koederitz, Global Industry Managing Director at IBM, asking: How has the IIoT changed your industry and what is slowing down the revolution?

Kari Terho, General Manager of Smart Factory at Elisa, showcasing The Possibilities of the Smart Factory.

• And, of course, the Industrial Lab Tour and full immersion in the IBM Client Experience.

How interesting to be discussing the Industry 4.0 in the country where this term was first coined. But the Summit reminded us of a simple and important lesson: The German government coined ‘Industry 4.0’ alongside a very international audience – much like this Summit itself. Innovation and IIoT are concepts that don’t belong to any country or industry. Rather, it is its own realm – and whoever gets there first, wins.

If this IIoT Summit left you craving more – or if you didn’t have a chance to attend this time, stay tuned for the next of this series: IIoT Summit USA takes place in Chicago, April 17th-18th 2019. Sign up to our newsletters and follow us on LinkedIn to be the first to know about upcoming discounts on conference passes.

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